Monday, August 22, 2011

Library Love

CNN has rediscovered the library. That's right; they posted this article yesterday to remind all readers that the library is a bargain (more free books than you could read in your lifetime) and that old books (not just the classics) are still worth reading. The article made me think about my library habits.

I used to borrow a lot more library books than I do now. In fact, I can't remember the last time I borrowed a book for me instead of my son --or when I've visited the library on my own. I do take Alex there occasionally, more often in the winter when I want to get him out of the house for a while. There's a play area, with an indoor structure to climb on and a cafe where he likes to eat. But his favorite thing to do at the library is to borrow train movies, even if we have them at home. It can be difficult at times to keep an eye on him and search for his train movies at the same time; this is why I don't browse for my own books at the library.

Another factor in my lack-of-library use is my preference for reading on my Kindle. I'm looking forward to this fall, when library lending becomes available for the Kindle. Hopefully that will cut down on the number of e-books I buy.

How often do you use your library?


Briane P said...

I take my two youngest to the library about every other week. They like to play in the children's library, and do puzzles, and we rent movies to take home, and we read books while we're there. It's more of an activity than library use.

I used to use the library all the time but, like you, I got my Kindle and almost never check out a book anymore.

anthony stemke said...

We use the library (libraries) a lot. My BW, the Education Tipster, reads her childrens book to children like that adorable little princess on my blog. I take out books often and borrow CD's.
I don't know from Kindle yet, but assume it is a coming thing.

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