Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Buy a Book for Borders Giveaway!

I'm sure many of you have heard by now about Borders declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Even though I read most of my books on Kindle these days, I'm still saddened by the news. I don't get to Borders as often as I'd like, since I'm closer to a Barnes & Noble. B&N also features Thomas the Train tables, a major attraction for my trainiac son. However, I've always liked Border's selection of science fiction/fantasy titles; in my opinion, Borders stores typically carry a much broader selection of books in my favorite genre than B&N does. The last time I shopped at Borders, I bought several non-fiction books as research for a possible story idea.

Anyway, I was thinking about Borders as I drove home from work. I'm lucky that the two Borders closest to me will remain open, but I know many people will be losing their favorite stores. I thought that I should make a point of visiting a Borders this weekend and buying some books, but then I got a better idea. I already have a ton of books on my to-read pile; why not give the books to my blog followers? I'm going to make this a casual giveaway, not a contest where you have to fill out lots of forms and blog/tweet this post all over the place. Still, we need a few guidelines:

1. If you want to be entered in this contest, leave a comment on this post. It can be about your favorite book/author, your favorite bookstore, an introduction--whatever you'd like to share. Spam and offensive comments will be deleted and not considered for this giveaway. Only one entry/comment per person, please.

2. For every five people who comment between now and midnight CST Friday, February 18, I'll buy one paperback book to give away. (Any comments I make won't count.) It'll be SF or fantasy. I'm not sure yet which Borders I'll visit or what the inventory will be like, so I'm not promising particular titles. However, some authors I have in mind are Patricia McKillip, Julie E. Czerneda, Carrie Vaughn, Connie Willis, Robert J. Sawyer, and authors who are members of BroadUniverse or the Online Writing Workshop.

3. I'm currently at 165 followers. If I reach 200 followers by the deadline, I'll buy two more paperbacks to give away.

4. I'm limiting the total books I'll give away to ten. This includes the bonus books. Hey, I have a child in daycare.

5. Winners will be drawn randomly through a random number generator and announced Monday, February 21. You get what you get, and you don't get upset. ;)

That's all I can think of for now. If you have any questions, please let me know. Please feel free to spread the word about this giveaway. And if you think this is a good idea, why not host your own Borders book giveaway?

Good luck to all!


Elizabeth Briggs said...

This is a great idea! The Borders by my house is closing. I am soooo sad.

Gen Revelation said...

This is an awesome idea! I'd love a book!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Crusader! We're in the same group.

I think the book giveaway is a terrific idea!

I can't imagine if Barnes and Noble closed. The people who go to the Borders near where I live are pretty stuck up, so I don't enjoy the atmosphere so much. Meh. At the B&N I go to there's a Starbucks, and I love the ambience. There so many invisible words sitting out there on the shelves and its very inspiring to a writer like me. Of course, I hope to have my own book on one of those shelves one day.

Raquel Byrnes said...

How cool! I get to enter a contest...AND meet a fellow crusader. Following you and crossing my fingers for the contest. =)

jys said...

Hello! I'm a fellow crusader who followed you to your lovely blog, and found this giveaway - and since I'm also rather greedy when it comes to books, it seems that I'm masking my shameless entry into the giveaway as my introduction.

I would have say hi anyways, believe me. Nice to meet you! =)

Tony Benson said...

Hi Sandra, I see we're in the same crusade group. Great!

It's always sad to see a book shop close, particularly when a chain the size of Borders is in trouble. Troubling indeed!

Eric said...

Although I sometimes buy books online, I also enjoy taking my boys to the local Borders. It's a sad thing to see bookstores close. But this is an awesome idea, Sandra. Here's hoping you hit the follower number too :)

Liz said...

Hello fellow Crusader.

I just found out that the Borders closest to me is closing. Sniff. Although, I saw it coming. When I went calendar shopping, they were dead while the B&N was crazy busy.

A sign of the times, I guess.

Misha said...

I'd love to win, but is the competition open to foreigners?

(suspecting not)


Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Misha, I didn't think about that. Let's see what happens on Monday.

We're almost up to two books, everyone! Here's hoping we get some more interested parties!

Regina said...

I think what you are doing is great. I myself have not been to a Borders because there is not one close to me. I am a fellow crusader and I hope you reach your goal of 200 followers. It is sad to know that they will be closing their doors but great to know they have supporters like you. :D

Susan Fields said...

What a very generous giveaway! I was sad to hear the Borders new as well.

I'm a fellow crusader, just stopping by to say "hi!"

sheila said...

This is a very good idea. I personally prefer historical novels. My family wonder how I get things done because they claim that I always have my nose in a book.

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