Sunday, January 24, 2010

Contest for Book Lovers (and Views of My Library)

Rebecca Knight, one of our blog chain members, recently reached 100 followers on her blog. To celebrate, she's running a contest. You can enter from now through February 14th; the details are here. The prizes include a $25 gift card, a synopsis critique, and a copy of Shiver, plus some other goodies. You can earn points for the contest by spreading the word about it and showing your love of books, such as writing reviews of books, taking pictures of yourself with books, and posting pictures of yourself with your library. Here are my photos; please focus on the books, not me! I'm not very good at self-portraits.

The picture on the left is me in front of my non-fiction bookshelf. Included here are books on philosophy, literature, history, and textbooks from undergrad. On the right is the bookshelf devoted to my SF/fantasy paperbacks. I estimate this bookshelf contains over 500 paperbacks!

On the left is another view of my SF/Fantasy paperback bookshelf. On the right is a bookshelf with fiction hardcovers/trade paperbacks. The lower three shelves house my Beatles books/magazine collection.

In addition to these bookshelves, I have two other bookshelves in my office that aren't pictured. One holds more fiction hardcovers and trade paperbacks; the other, my writing books. They're not in good spots for picture-taking. I also have some books still in boxes in our basement. I probably have at least a thousand books, most of which I've read. (I don't shelve my books until I read them, with the exception of books like encyclopedias that you wouldn't read cover to cover.) And this doesn't include my husband's or my son's book collections!

Another view of my non-fiction.

So, Rebecca, that's my library. Five points, please!


Rebecca Knight said...

Nice!! Love the bookshelves :D!

Nisa said...

You're so organized! I've got mine separated by bookshelf as well... I wonder how others do it. If it were up to my husband, they'd all just be thrown onto a shelf in random fashion. I wonder if anyone throws genre out the window and categorized by author or alphabetically. Hmm... Yes, I'm a nerd.

Anonymous said...

Wow, never thought of stacking books vertically...hmmm :)

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