Friday, May 29, 2009

Still Sick

I mentioned in my last post that I wasn't feeling well. I've been home the last two days with chills, muscle weakness, coughing, headaches, and all sorts of other fun stuff. I've been bringing Alex to daycare because I wouldn't get any rest otherwise. My symptoms come in waves; I think I'm doing better, then I start to get chills again. It's not fun. I've been spending my days on the couch, listening to 80's music and goofing off on the computer. It's pointless for me to try to sleep, as my mind just won't shut down.

Today I finally went to the urgent care clinic to get myself checked out. We did rule out swine flu, but there are still thousands of other viruses that could be causing this. (Gosh, could they possibly come from...daycare?) The doctor gave me a prescription for the cough (coughing fits and a postpartum bladder are a bad combination), but otherwise all I can do is continue to take it easy and ride it out. I hope I feel better soon--Alex's birthday is tomorrow, and the party is Sunday! I'm so grateful my in-laws are hosting the party; I don't want to deal with that while I'm sick. I have to pick up the cake tomorrow and assemble the favor bags; Eugene might be able to help me with that. I'm also supposed to make a salad, but if I'm still feeling horrible tomorrow it might be best to skip it.

Let's move on to better news. This is my 500th post! I started blogging back in 2005 as a way to keep in touch with long-distance friends. It's nice that it's helped me meet more people, so to speak. It would be nice to hold a contest in conjunction with this milestone, but I'm not up for it now. Maybe later this summer I'll do a giveaway for two of the books I bought at WisCon.

I also found out from a friend that electronic versions of her book With Strings Attached are now available for $3 here. The paperback version should be out soon. I may wait to get the paperback; to me, a book feels more "real" than another file on the laptop.

OK, time to make some orange juice and get back to work.


Sara said...

I'm sorry to hear you are sick. I wish things could have worked out so we could have met while you were in Madison.

Keep pushing the OJ and take those pills to keep the cough down!

Danyelle said...

Hope you get feeling better and yay for the 500 posts!

Maria Zannini said...

You poor thing. Please don't force yourself to work when you're that sick. You need your rest.

Get well soon.

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