Thursday, April 30, 2009

Date Day--Chicago Botanic Garden

I mentioned before that Eugene and I took yesterday off. We haven't found a local babysitter, so it's hard for us to do date nights. Hence date days, when we get some couple time while Alex is in daycare. We plan to do this about once a month.

Yesterday, Eugene and I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden. We're members there and go several times a year. This was our first trip of the season. It was a bit brisk and cloudy, but there were plenty of spring flowers. The cloudy weather also made for good photography conditions. I'm not much of a photographer, unlike Eugene, who typically hauls around enough gear to make Alex's diaper bag seem lightweight. I normally just do point-and-shoot with my camera, though I have used macro. Yesterday, I wound up experimenting with the other settings, such as aperture and color. Here are a few of the best shots:

Despite what Eugene might like, I don't intend to get into photography as much as he is--our budget couldn't handle all of the equipment and workshops! Besides, I have enough to keep me busy as it is.

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Windsong said...

Those are gorgeous shots!

*wishes she wasn't so allergic to green stuff*

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