Monday, January 01, 2007

Our New Year's Eve Celebration

As I mentioned in my last post, Eugene and I went out to dinner last night. We went to the Weber Grill. There's one in Chicago, but another location opened up near us last year. (Yes, it's sinking in that another year is upon us.) It was our first time there, and we stuffed ourselves royally. We started with a grilled pizza appetizer; Eugene also had a salad. I had a filet mingon with garlic mashed potatoes and a side of garlic spinach. Eugene had a strip steak with a baked potato. The steak was very tender, despite me asking for it medium well. (Had to make sure it was OK for the baby.) We didn't finish our meals, but that didn't stop us from having a sundae for dessert.

After dinner, we went to the comedy club and hung out for a while before they let us in. They had some new chairs in the entrance; I don't recall the technical name for them, but they're the kind without legs (so you're practically on the floor) that rock slightly. We liked them, but I don't think they'll work too well for me when I'm farther along. ;) The comedy club let us in shortly before 8:00. We had a table in the first row. The club was small, but it was well-packed, with 50-60 people there. There were mostly couples, but I saw families there too. Dress ranged from casual to formal.

The package deal for the night included a buffet of appetizers (hot and cold) and desserts, free soda and water, a toast at midnight, and party favors. Yes, this means we both got lei'd. (rimshot). Eugene got a red conical hat that made him feel like a Shriner; if I'd brought my camera, I would've taken a picture for your entertainment. I wore a "Happy New Year" tiara. Of course we got noisemakers too. I didn't have much room for food, but I sampled some cheese and fruit -- and yes, the desserts.

The first show began at 9:00. There were two improv shows with the same performers but different games. We offered a fair number of suggestions; in fact, for one game, the performer taking suggestions said we were "completely destroying the other tables" with our suggestions of Shakespearian drama and Greek tragedy. I also came up with a movie title: Aardvarks Go To France. In between the shows was some dancing; we got dragged up on stage for a song or two.

As midnight approached, the staff handed out drinks for toasting (yes, I just had sparkling juice). They showed a tribute to those who had died in 2006. There was supposed to be a clock ticking down the final seconds, but the comptuer running that developed a glitch, so one of the performers led us in the final countdown. We all drank and made noise and kissed our sweeties, but by 12:30 people started to leave. I was tired, so we left too. But it was nice to go out on New Year's, especially since it may be a few years before we can do it again.

Today we're just hanging out at home. We did some cleaning, and we have a pot roast cooking in the crockpot for dinner. Later on tonight, I may try doing something Sara has done and put a list of my "books to read" in my template. Since there are over 40 books, the list may take up the entire blog. :)

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