Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hunkering Down

As Sting would sing, it looks like the hounds of winter are harrying us down. Last night we got sleet; tonight so far we've had rain, but I'm afraid it'll change to snow later. I have tomorrow off, but I was supposed to bring my car in for routine maintenance. I think I may reschedule and stay inside all day. I'm enough of a Nervous Nellie when I drive in this kind of weather, but in my current condition, I'm even paranoid that I could slip and fall just trying to walk to my car.

At least I'm well prepared to stay inside. Between books and my computer, I have plenty to keep myself occupied. I'll have some time to finish crits for OWW and work on Lennon's Line. Tomorrow I'm planning to make a beef barley soup in the crockpot; I bought everything I need yesterday while I was running errands. I just hope Eugene will be OK tomorrow. He not only has to go into work, but due to some snafus, he hasn't been able to get the heater in his car fixed. (See his blog for more information.)

OK, time to see if I can get one more crit posted tonight.

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