Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ending Earthlink

Regular readers of this blog may remember the connection problems I had a couple of months ago. Because of that, Eugene and I ended up switching providers; nothing else worked. Today, I cut the final cord and canceled my account with Earthlink. In some ways, it's a shame I had to do that. I've been with them for over ten years, since I first started surfing the Net. My e-mail address has outlasted several computers. But lately I've been deluged with even more spam than usual; hundreds of spam messages flooded my old e-mail address yesterday. So, even though there are still a couple of bugs with the new system, I'm glad that I have a new e-mail address now. If you're not using that one already, my friends, please do so.

Anyway, I just finished my seventh batch of cookies; the only one left is sugar cookies with homemade frosting. Hopefully we can get them sent out (and yes, Russ, you're still on our list) next week. It's not so much that I'm tempted to eat them, but they're taking up a lot of space on our table. What a problem, huh?

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