Friday, November 24, 2006

Baking with the Beatles

Well, Eugene already described how Thanksgiving was on his blog, so I don't need to go into detail here. He did forget to mention the entertainment: kids (our ring bearer and one of the flower girls) and dogs. We goofed around with the kids before dinner. I even let them take pictures with my camera, though I need to delete a couple before I post them. As for the dogs, Eugene's father's partner stopped by for a while and brought three of her pets. One of them was a very friendly puppy, just the right size to stick into my purse. I didn't take him home with me, though.

As for what I'm thankful for, family and friends, of course, and especially my husband. I'm also grateful to be healthy.

Today I stayed home to bake. I was hoping to bake three different batches of cookies, but I only got two done. I'm not too happy with how the second batch turned out. It was a new recipe. The dough didn't roll out well, I didn't get the yield I was supposed to, and the cookies stuck to the pan so much some of them nearly broke apart. The cookies do taste good, but I don't think I'll make them again. But at least I had some good music in the background; I'm playing a Beatles marathon of their albums in order. Right now I'm up to Revolver. I'll continue baking and Beatling tomorrow.

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