Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Update on Us

First of all, our Internet at home is still down. We originally thought it was due to a "scheduled" interruption of service (which for some odd reason we were never informed of--I only found out about it on our provider's website), but even after that was supposedly fixed, we still couldn't get on. After two calls to tech support, along with the prerequsite transfers and frustration, we have a new modem on the way. Hopefully that will fix the Net.

What you missed: Saturday night we got together with some friends from a local forum to play games. Although there were a bunch of board games available (such as Would You Rather? and Balderdash), the most popular games were Spoons--like Musical Chairs--and Celebrity, which I skipped because I really do know more about quantum mechanics than I do about celebrities. Yes, like Wierd Al, I too am White and Nerdy. But we had a good time getting together with people and getting to know them better. Eugene brought his famous flourless chocolate cake, and it got rave reviews.

Sunday afternoon we drove out to Woodstock to pick apples. It was very busy when we got there--probably because the Bears game was in the evening. Some of the varieties weren't ready yet, and one that we wanted to pick had been pretty much harvested. Luckily, my favorite, Golden Delicious, was available, and there were a couple more types that we picked too. In all, we picked nearly three bags (or pecks) of apples. It's time for Eugene to make one of his other famous desserts, the apple-cranberry pie.

Monday night was a flashback to The Flood. I think we got close to three inches of rain. As if it wasn't strange enough to have no Internet, we also lost power around 9:00 p.m. We lit some candles, cuddled on the couch...and called Russ. Hey, we may still be newlyweds, but we have to take a break occasionally!

Last night and tonight were taken up with straightening out our Internot problem. Tonight we also checked out a local fitness center we're thinking of joining, then headed to the library, where I'm now blogging.

I've been slacking off with regard to writing or editing, but I did finish a couple of books. Even better, I received the contract for the anthology. It will be available in both e-book and paper form, though the e-book will be ready much sooner. But it's time to get some discipline again and get back to the keyboard, even if I hate editing. It's just got to be done.

I'm still uploading pictures from the weekend, but I'll post a link when they're done.


Russ said...

I'm still just a little creeped out by it all...a romantic night...cuddling on the couch..."hey, let's call Russ!" No, this is completely unacceptable.

The Dear NYer said...

Kevin, now Eugene, I don't know? Maybe those new glasses are really sexy? ;)

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