Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And There Was Great Rejoicing...

For Sandra has regained the use of the Internet at home.

Actually, it turned out to be a quick fix--I just used the CD that came with our new modem to install the new DSL on my laptop. And if you're wondering why I didn't do this before, it's because it's a backup CD; Eugene was able to get the new DSL working on his computer without even opening the envelope. I figured it was worth trying the CD before calling Tech Support; I had enough of that with Earthlink.

I'm still not home free; I'm connected via cable, not through the wireless router. So this means I still can't print. That's the next step to tackle, but I won't do it right now. Maybe later tonight if I'm ambitious, or even tomorrow if I'm not.

At least I was finally able to upload the pictures from the Thanksgiving dinner. Here's the link (they're at the top):


Yes, this is all I took, but Eugene has lots more. I'll remind him tonight about them. We'll see if he wants to upload them to his blog or to a site like photobucket.

More later....


Sara said...

Cool pictures, Sandra! Tell Eugene to post his!

Sandra said...

He plans to post his tonight. He's overdue for a blog entry anyway, isn't he?

russ said...

Uh, it's the 27th, and we're still pictureless over there on Eugene's blog! You gotta get that husband of yours to straighten up and fly right.

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