Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Wedding and Vacation Prep

Eugene and I went to a wedding reception last night. It was on his side; the groom's father is friends with Eugene's dad. (Eugene also knew the groom when he used to work at the front desk where Eugene worked out.) Since Eugene had to work yesterday, we couldn't attend the ceremony. The reception was at a hotel; the cocktail hour was held in a Polynesian-style lounge area before the room was opened up. It was a big reception; the groom's father told us nearly 500 people were there. There were a lot of friends of the couple there; some of them did beer gongs to get the couple to kiss. The meal was very good, but the cake didn't get served to us; we saw someone with a plate of sweets and followed her to a sweet table and cake in another room. We left around 11:00, since we didn't need to wait for the bouquet or garter toss.

Today we ran some errands, getting ready for our vacation. Eugene needed a new piece of luggage since he couldn't find his old one; luckily we found a good deal. We also picked up some other things we needed, like travel-sized toothpaste and extra batteries, and took care of some other errands.

Writing: I finished reviewing Sue's chapters, though I've been remiss about sending Heather her chapters. I better take care of that tonight. I've also been sloughing off with my work, though I should have some time tomorrow to edit. I'm not going to edit Lennon's Line during our vacation--I'm not taking my laptop with me--but I may try outlining the sequel. I'm also going to bring along some books for research.

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makoiyi said...

Well I hope you have a terrific time and all the security nonsense doesn't get in the way of you enjoying yourselves. Best way to get around is definitely the tube. There used to be maps inside every carriage so you didn't get lost, but it's been a while, so I'm not sure any more.

Enjoy yourselves! Has it really been a year? :)

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