Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One Year and Ten Days Later...

It's been quite an experience these last 375 days, learning to live with my sweetheart, sharing the ups, downs, and lulls of life. But at long last, we've earned our sweet reward....

our anniversary cake.
Instead of having to save the top layer of our cake in the freezer for a year, we received a fresh cake from our baker. And what a cake: yellow cake with chocolate mousse and raspberry fillings frosted with dark chocolate ganache. No wonder I've been counting down to our anniversary all year. But ironically, since we stuffed ourselves on sushi and crab legs earlier tonight, eating our delicious cake was quite a challenge. We did successfully feed each other bites of cake, but although it was good, it was almost too rich to eat. We might need some help finishing the rest of the cake. Anyone want to stop on by?

Writing: While reading Scientific American this morning, I came across an article about mass extinctions caused by anaerobic bacteria rising from the depths of the oceans during global warming and emitting hydrogen sulfide, a noxious gas. Sounds like fiction, doesn't it? Well, according to the article, it's not; the bacteria may have caused mass extinctions prior to the great dinosaur-killing asteroid. Still sounds like something I could work into a story; I got an idea for the writing challenge before I'd finished reading the article.But it may not quite fit the first line, and I'm still not how to work it into a personal challenge. You're supposed to use the challenge to do something you've never done before, and I'm envisioning this as a science fiction short story told in the third person. I've already used all of those elements before, so maybe there's something else I can play with in this story. Of course, since I prefer novels, a short story might be enough of a challenge for me.

I've been sloughing off on both critting and my own work; I hope my brain recovers from my vacation sometime soon.


Russ said...

I had a slice of that cake, Version 1.0, and I'll be hitting the road for Illinois now...should make it to your place by midnight or so.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

The Dear Nyer said...

Wow, now that is a nice Baker :) That cake looks yummy.

makoiyi said...

Yum! I would if I could :)

Continue your vacation. Write what has inspired you. Now!

Heh, well, it was only an idea.

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