Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nursing School Reunion

I mentioned previously that Eugene and I were supposed to attend a nursing school reunion for his mother last night. Well, despite the heat, we went and didn't melt. It was in a downtown hotel close to Millenium Park; we thought about having some pictures taken by the Bean but decided not to.

The reunion actually lasted three days; last night was the "formal" night. There was still a lot of official programming tonight, including mentioning every alumna by name. (I should mention that this was a "grand" reunion in that several classes were there, not just one.) They broke up the official part of the night with dinner and dancing. During dinner, they even had a hula and a belly dancer entertaining the crowd. The general dancing included ballroom tango and 50's rock, but the DJ also played the Chicken Dance.

Here are a few pictures from the night:

Some of the nurses at the reception. My mother-in-law is close to the center of the picture. She's wearing a blue dress and is below the flag.

My in-laws dancing.

From left to right: Jan, Eugene's dad's partner and one of our sponsors; Mike; Mom Almazan; Jason; his girlfriend Marissa; me, and Dad Almazan.

And last but not least, us.

Today was a laid-back day. After doing chores in the morning, we hung out at the mall this afternoon to save on our air conditioning. Funny, we don't save much when we both end up buying things. ;) I did work some more on Lennon's Line and plan to return to it after we watch Iron Chef America. Yes, it's dangerous to have the laptop in the living room, so I'm looking forward to cooler days when I can return to the office.

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