Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Genius and Some Colored Frogs

Sunday and Monday weren't very exciting; we ran some errands on Sunday and worked on Monday. (I did make some apple sorbet Monday night, though.) Today we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. It's been a couple of years since we were there, but we didn't spend much time on the permanent exhibits. Instead, we focused on two special ones: one on Da Vinci and one on frogs. The Da Vinci exhibit featured many replicas of machines he designed or improved. It was fascinating to see them and speculate on what history would have been like if some of them, such as hang gliders or underwater breathing appartus, had been actually used. I bought a couple of books about him in case I get some writing inspiration about him or his work. Then we saw many different types of frogs, including brightly colored poisonous ones. Good thing they were behind glass. The final exhibit we looked at was the U-505 German submarine that was captured during WWII. I've seen it many times since I was a girl, but since I was last at MSI, they brought it indoors to protect it. The new exhibit allows you to view it from above and ground level. (You can also go inside for a fee, but we didn't this time.) I think they have more items from the sub on display, including 60-year-old canned bread dough. Delish! We'd had enough at that point, so we went home, stopping along the way to run an errand and have dinner at a Japanese marketplace (sushi and shrimp dumplings). I've done some critting and writing tonight, but I'll save comments about that for later. I'm sure everyone would rather see pictures of Oscar at the museum:

This is a model of an air screw. It reminds me of a helicopter.

Sigh. Blogger is taking a very long time to upload pictures. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to post more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,
Ooh! I love MSI. That used to be one of our favorite haunts.

Let me know if you ever write that Da Vinci story. I'd be interested to read it.

BTW, you might want to consider a trip to Las Vegas to catch the Cirque de Soleil's LOVE show. The entire show is based on Beatles music. I heard it was an overwhelming experience.


Sandra said...

We've been discussing LOVE on a Beatles forum I belong to. It sounds like a great show. If Eugene goes to Las Vegas next year for Continuing Education, maybe I'll be able to see it.

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