Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Season Avatar Quiz

As part of preparing for the recent comic con, I developed a short quiz to match passersby with Season Avatars. It was meant as a way to engage with people about my work and interest them in it. I didn't hand out any copies, so I'll have to save them for my next appearance. In the meantime, I thought I'd share them here.

Which Season Avatar are You?

Pick the best answer from each question below. 

1.       What’s your favorite season?
a.       Spring
b.       Summer
c.       Fall
d.       Winter

2.       What’s your favorite color?
a.       Yellow
b.       Green
c.       Red
d.       Blue

3.       Which activity do you enjoy the most?
a.       Drawing
b.       Dancing
c.       Playing music
d.       Sewing/crafts

4.        What’s your greatest strength?
a.       Good leader
b.       Fearless
c.       Kind
d.       Faith

5.       What’s your worst trait?
a.       Perfectionist
b.       Pleasure-seeking
c.       People-pleaser
d.       Low self-confidence

If you answered mostly As, you’re Gwen from Scattered Seasons. Gwen is the Spring Avatar, with the magical gift of healing.

If you answered mostly Bs, you’re Jenna, the Summer Avatar with the gift of plant magic. Jenna is the heroine of Chaos Season.

If you chose mostly Cs, you’re Ysabel, the heroine of Fifth Season. Ysabel is the Fall Avatar and is blessed with animal magic.

If you chose mostly Ds, you’re Kay from Summon the Seasons. As the Winter Avatar, Kay controls the most powerful magic, that of weather.

If you have a mix of answers, then you’re like the full quartet of Season Avatars, who defend their country from Chaos Season, a magical storm that mixes up the seasons. Learn how it began in Seasons’ Beginnings.

1 comment:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Winter, blue (where's black?), music, faith, perfectionist.
Mostly D - be nice to control the weather. I'd bring on the fall weather here.

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