Friday, February 16, 2018

Science of the Week, 2/16/18

Here are some of the most interesting science news articles I read this week:

Chimpanzee self-control is related to intelligence

Your gadget's next power supply? Your body

Programming drones to fly in the face of uncertainty 

Study finds gender and skin-type bias in commercial artificial-intelligence systems

Cultural cross-fertilization to rescue soils

Gene enhancers are important despite apparent redundancy

Cells "walk" on liquids a bit like geckos

Reprogrammed skin cells shrink tumors in mice

Have a good weekend, and I'll see you Monday!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Even computers are biased? Does that mean they have opinions? Great...

Pat Dilloway said...

It would be cool if I could recharge my phone with my body.

Nick Wilford said...

That second link - I knew we'd become one with the machines some day. Rich material for sci-fi authors here!

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