Monday, October 09, 2017

Season Avatars Series--Releases and a Sale!

There's so much exciting publishing news for the fantasy Season Avatars series today that I feel I ought to do something special to celebrate. I had considered taking today off work (I still have weeks left of vacation), but since I was out Thursday afternoon and Friday with a cold, I need to catch up. As long as I get to do something with my family, that's celebration enough for me.

Anyway, time for all of the announcements:

Summon the Seasons officially went live this morning to conclude the series.

Kay might be the youngest, smallest, and least confident Season Avatar, but her weather magic makes her the most powerful of her group. Now that she also can contact the souls of dead Avatars, her quartet has a chance to end Chaos Season permanently. All Kay and her sister Avatars need are three more bones.

To obtain them, Kay’s quartet must travel across Challen, evading the King’s Watch and Selathens who want to protect their demigoddess, Salth, creator of Chaos Season. Kay’s deepest beliefs about her God and her longtime rival, Dorian, will be challenged during the trip. If she loses her faith and newfound courage, she will fail, and the rest of the Season Avatars with her.

I don't have an extensive blog tour planned, but I have a guest post up on Catherine Lundoff's blog about making a Victorian-like setting more feminist. An additional posts is pending for Alex J. Cavanaugh, but I missed the date for Pat Dilloway's post. Sorry again, Pat! That was completely my fault.

Young Seasons: A Season Avatars Short Story Collection is out of Kindle Select and headed for wide distribution. It's already live on Apple and Kobo and should be headed to Barnes and Noble very soon.

The country of Challen depends on its Season Avatars to tame a recurring storm that mixes up the seasons. A quartet of magic-users, each with a different type of magic, reincarnate with skills and memories from previous lives but face new challenges whenever they’re reborn. Now, a child faces a healing task that would daunt someone much older. A fourteen-year-old is pursued by enemies in her sleep. An animal lover must protect her kitten from her disapproving family. An impatient farm girl tries to get the attention of her true love, only to have the wrong person respond. Before Gwen, Kay, Ysabel, and Jenna can come together as Season Avatars, first they must survive independently as Young Seasons.

A short story collection set between Seasons' Beginnings and Scattered Seasons. Includes an excerpt from Scattered Seasons.

Speaking of Scattered Seasons, it's on sale through next Monday for $0.99. (It's on sale at other sellers besides Amazon, though it may take a couple of days for the price change to become effective.)

Lady Gwendolyn lo Havil is an Ava Spring, born to heal others and lead the Season Avatars of her generation. Season Avatars with divine magic must work in groups of four to save the country of Challen from Chaos Season, times when all of the seasons appear at once. When the current Ava Spring dies in a riding accident, Gwen must find the other three Season Avatars she will link with. But two of them are missing, and with Gwen's own magic crippled by a cursed pottery shard, she will have to use all of her skills to find the Avatars scattered across the country of Challen. During her journey, she meets a stranger who claims to know the shard's origin. Is he truly an ally of the Season Avatars, or is he trying to stop them from uniting?

 Part of the reason I chose today to release Summon the Seasons is that it's John Lennon's birthday. I consider John my "patron muse," and the Beatles inspired the "Fem Four" of the Season Avatars series. So there's only one way to go out, and that's with a Twist and Shout!



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on release day! At least go out tonight for dinner.

Sandra Almazan said...

We did go out for dinner over the weekend, Alex.

Pat Dilloway said...

Good luck with your new release.

Libby Heily Author said...

Congratulations on your latest release!!!

Sandra Almazan said...

Thanks, Pat and Libby!

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