Monday, October 19, 2015

Seasons' Beginnings Free this Week!

The blog title pretty much says it all. The first book in the fantasy Season Avatars series is free on Amazon through Friday, October 23rd. Here's the blurb:

Kron Evenhanded is an artificer, able to enchant any man-made object, but he finds people more difficult to work with. After many years studying at the Magic Institute, he leaves to return to his childhood home. When he visits the city of Vistichia, he encounters Sal-thaath, an extremely magical but dangerous child created by Salth, another magician Kron knew at the Magic Institute. Kron attempts to civilize Sal-thaath, but his efforts lead to tragedy. Salth, who has gained additional magic from the stars, vows revenge against Kron and his beloved Bella. Kron is forced to ally himself with a quartet of new deities and their human Avatars, including Bella. Kron must help the new Avatars defend Vistichia as Salth attempts to drain its life and magic. But Salth has Ascended halfway to godhood over Time. Will Kron’s artifacts be enough to protect the city and the Avatars, especially the woman he loves, or will Time separate them?

Since my family life has become insanely busy, I'm planning to decrease my blogging frequency to twice a week, Monday and Friday, at least temporarily. After all, there will be five books in this series, and I still have to edit the third book and finish the first draft of the fourth. I may still post guest posts and for the Insecure Writers' Support Group, however.

Anyway, feel free to download a copy of Seasons' Beginnings on me, and see you Friday!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Ironically, I am reading it right now! Well, not this very minute...

Sandra Almazan said...

Thanks, Alex!

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