Monday, May 04, 2015

May the Fourth/Force Be With You! (Guess My Costume)

Today the rest of the world catches up to our house, as we have Star Wars Day every day. (That's just how you roll when you have an almost-eight-year-old boy in the house.) Here are a few of the many ways we celebrate a galaxy far, far away....

Twinned Universes isn't the only combination of Shakespeare and science fiction out there. Both trilogies have been rewritten in iambic pentameter by Ian Doescher. (I've only read the Original Trilogy, so I don't know if they've managed to redeem some of the lines from the prequel. I'm waiting for Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge to come out to see if they do a box set of the prequel trilogy.) They make great audiobooks too.

Jeffrey Brown creates comic collections such as Darth Vader and Son, Vader's Little Princess, Good Night Darth Vader, and his latest, Darth Vader and Friends. I've been reading his Jedi Academy graphic novel series with Alex and am looking forward to the final book, which is coming out this summer.

Lego sets. Boy, do we have Lego sets. Here are a couple pictures from the collection, but this isn't complete. Alex has so many Lego Star Wars sets we're planning to turn the playroom into a display area. (Hey, we need some place to put the Death Star when he gets it.) We already have some shelving units picked out, but they're not in stock. We also plan to frame reprints of the movie posters from the Original Trilogy and hang them on the walls.

Here are Alex and me in our Jedi costumes. (My husband has one as well.) Alex will be enrolling in the Galactic Academy (costuming for kids) after his birthday. He could join now, but this way he'll be put in the right age group immediately. My husband would also like us to join the 501st Legion for Imperial Star Wars costumers--not that I have time or skill to make a costume. Eugene isn't sure yet if he would like to be an Imperial officer or a fighter pilot. I know what I would dress up as. It's a little like a Jedi, but you won't be able to see my face. Can you guess what it is? Keep in mind I'm a little short for a stormtrooper. Come back Wednesday when I reveal the answer. Better yet, leave your guess and e-mail in the comments. The first person to guess correctly wins an eBook from me!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You want to go as Darth Vader?
That is a scary amount of Legos!

Sandra Almazan said...

No, Alex, not Vader. My son wants a Darth Vader costume now, though.

If you think that's a lot of Legos, wait until we finish setting up the entire display!

Pat Dilloway said...

The Emperor or another Sith Lord?

Sandra Almazan said...

My son wants to be a Sith Lord, Pat, not me. Good guess, though.

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