Monday, August 12, 2013

Blog Ring of Power: T.J. Loveless

Today I have with me T.J. Loveless. Her interview started on Friday on Emily's blog, so we're going to talk about The Writing Life. (Due to technical issues, I'm not able to use T.J.'s pictures.)

What is your writing process? Do you follow a regular routine? Do you use pen and paper or
computer? Work at home or at the library/Starbucks, etc.

I have a husband, three critters and teenagers. Routine?! They have that? Seriously, no. I tried to come up with one, write at such and such time, etc, but found myself staring at a blank document, without a story in my head. I can write at the PC – but not very well. I have to sit in the recliner, laptop settled on my knees, a Muse snuggled into my left leg and another lying across my shoulders, with Editor Kitty purring somewhere close. Can’t forget plenty to drink, maybe a snack, music plugged into my ears, TV on in the background, and glasses to actually see what I’m writing.

When do you write?

It’s best for me at night. It’s calm, quiet, fewer interruptions. I can do a chapter or two during daylight hours, but usually have to erase them and start over LOL

How much time per day do you spend on your writing?

It isn’t a regular schedule. I’ve been known to settle in and write 10,000 – 20,000 words in one session. Other times, I can only grab an hour and 3,000 words.

What has been the most surprising reaction to something you’ve written?

Tears and a certain favorite character. The book I have on query, Going Thru Hell, made several Beta Readers cry and quit talking to me for months. Lucky Number Six has garnered lots of laughs and created fans of the unicorn, Miracai. I’d thought it was going to be the MC, Tiffany, but man, was I wrong! It cracks me up. And yesterday, I received an email from someone who’d picked up the book after seeing it on a Kindle deals webpage. She read it and sent and email that caused me to cry – she’d been in a deep depression, and contemplating suicide. Reading Lucky Number Six made her laugh for the first time in three years. I promised her the entire series for free – and an ear if she ever needed it. Just that one email made all the work and worry worth it.

Other than your family, what has been your greatest source of support?

Other writers. They know, they understand, they get how to give constructive criticism and that sometimes a, “WOOHOO!” is the best encouragement.

How do you deal with rejection and/or negative reviews? 

I look at them as a learning experience. I won’t lie, the first ones hurt. Oh, wow. But since then, I’ve learned to love red ink and well thought out negative reviews. They have helped me to improve, become better at putting words to virtual paper.

T.J. can often be found surrounded by the wonderful chaos of life, writing, editing and laughing at the antics of family. 

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Three thousand words in an hour? Whoa! I am impressed.

Tara Tyler said...

i feel your chaos! wish i could sit in peace more often too. and writers supporting writers makes this tough job bearable, that and those positive emails! yay!

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