Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Practicing Photoshop

Last month, when I attended a CreateSpace workshop at the local library, I met a couple who were interested in self-publishing their books. I offered to help them, and in return, the husband offered to teach me a little about PhotoShop. So I went over to their house on Sunday to practice. He taught me how to use layers, add and move text, how to select parts of a picture, and how to move parts of a picture around. It's all very basic stuff, but since I don't have much experience with graphic programs, I needed it.

Why the sudden interest in Photoshop? I'm debating doing some of my own covers for short stories to cut down on publishing costs. For novels, I'd rather have a professional do the cover, especially since I don't see myself doing anything more to a picture at the moment besides adding text. But perhaps if I ever get enough time to work on Photoshop, I might be able to do something more sophisticated.

What kind of skills have you developed for your writing or day job that you never thought you'd acquire?

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