Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Swap

My son's daycare center is hosting a book swap this week. Today and tomorrow, people can bring in books (either for kids or adults). Friday, we'll be able to select some books and bring them home. The daycare center is also setting up a website to track the books once they're released into the wild.

So far, I'm planning to donate three books: a touchy-feely children's book Alex has outgrown, Her Majesty's Dragon,and To Say Nothing of the Dog. I'm all for encouraging kids to read, but it's also good to appeal to parents too. After all, parents are role models for kids, and I've read that seeing their parents read is an important factor in whether or not kids will be readers. (We have full bookshelves in our house, plus a Nook and a Kindle. I wonder how e-readers will affect kids' reading habits.) I figure if I'm going to donate books for adults, I'll donate books in my favorite genre to get others interested in it too. Of course, someone who already reads SF/fantasy is more likely to select those books than a general reader. We'll see how it all works out.

Have you ever participated in a book swap like this before? If so, what books did you give away or pick up? What books would you offer someone new to your chosen genre?

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