Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Things I Learned From NaNoWriMo

1. I'm most productive on my lunch hour, but I think that's because I know I have to avoid distraction if I want to meet my word count goal.
2. To meet word count, I'm shameless about padding with filler words and adverbs. Too bad I can't use more meaningful words, like description, in a first draft.
3. Character sheets and outlines are useful references, but I will still deviate from my outline.
4. My first draft will be a hot mess, but since my usual M.O. is to write a draft, throw it out, and start over, why not get it done quickly instead of dragging it out?
5. It's important to know the battery life of your laptop.
6. Writing by hand is slower than using the laptop, but some days, it's the only way to get any word count in at all.
7. If your husband is driving, bring the laptop in the car.
8. You don't have to be asocial during NaNoWriMo to finish.
9. It is possible for a working mother to finish.
10. My son is too young to understand or appreciate the hard work of writing, but my husband does. Thanks, dear!


Angela Felsted said...

Your first drafts sound like mine. :)

Cheyanne said...

I'm most productive on my lunch hour too! And I agree that it's nice to get the first draft out of the way quickly, it helps me focus on making the story better.

Actually, I agree with all ten of your things! lol

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Angela, it's good to know I'm not alone. And Cheyanne, great minds think alike! ;)

The Golden Eagle said...

I can see why the battery would be important . . . LOL.

Eric said...

LOL, I love #5. Ain't it the truth!

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