Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday

It seems harder to find time to blog lately than to find writing time, and that's saying something. I've been meaning to post something about style in "fat fantasy" for a while now, but I haven't had a chance to write it up yet. Perhaps I'll be able to do so in the next couple of days. Anyway, here's a quick update on Across Two Universes:

Currently On: Chapter Twelve, Page 127
Total Pages: 300
Total Words: 97,000

I'm not sure if my current scene is going to work as well as I thought it would. My original plan was to have Paul and Yvonne discuss how to save Sean without telling him how he'll be killed (since he insists he doesn't want to know). Ultimately, I want to end the scene with Paul realizing he'll have to face Sean's killer and risk his own life, but I'm having trouble seeing how to get them to that point. Maybe I just need some more sleep.

I'll be back with the next round of the Blog Chain on Friday, so come back then to see what it's about!

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