Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Few Random Things

* I have magnetic clip-on shades for my glasses. They've been missing for several months, but today Eugene found them in, of all places, my laptop bag. The ironic thing about that is I had my eye exam today. My prescription didn't change, so I'm not getting new glasses, at least for now.

* My son got to make a stuffed animal today at daycare; they had a company called Noah's Ark come in. Alex made a cute white teddy bear with a brown nose. He also named it--"Raccoon."

* I ordered some extra balls --200 of them--for Alex's ball pit. They arrived today at work. One of my co-workers saw them and jokingly asked what kind of scientific equipment it was. I told him I was studying the kinetics of toddlers.

* Writing is going extremely slowly. I was hoping to write a bit after my eye exam, but traffic ate up my free time.

* Speaking of traffic, why would IDOT close the highway entrance I use and cut the detour down to one lane at the same time? I have enough trouble getting to work on time with Alex as it is.


Kat Harris said...


Did you know you can't spell IDIOT without IDOT?

That wasn't very nice, I know, but construction is so frustrating sometimes.

On a completely unrelated, question, did you not have your eyes dilated? I'd never be able to write after an eye appt.

Sandra said...

Trust me, that line about Idiot and IDOT has already crossed my mind.

As for my eye exam, yes, I did have my eyes dilated. Normally, I wear my glasses all the time, but I found I could read better with them off when I was dilated. I'm so desperate for writing time that I'd try it with dilated eyes.

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