Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Work In Progress Wednesday

I think I missed this last week since I was still catching up with WisCon. At least I'm not as sick anymore, though I still have some congestion and a barking cough. Here are my stats on Across Two Universes:

Currently On: Chapter Nine, Page 98
Total Pages: 288
Total Words: 93,000

Still painfully slow, but I have painfully little time to write. At least that should change this weekend. I'm off to California for a business trip. I'll be presenting some of the research I've done at a food expo. I'll be gone for several days, which will be rough on the whole family. At least I should have more time to write over the weekend and at night.


Anonymous said...

Progress is progress...especially when real life is SO busy! Glad you are starting to feel a little better. And where are you going to be in CA? Have fun at the Expo.

ElanaJ said...

Yay for extra writing time. Boo for being gone from family. Good luck this weekend!

Sandra said...

I'm going to be in Anaheim, right next to Disneyland or Disneyworld or whatever it is. It is a shame Eugene and Alex couldn't come along, though Alex is probably too young to get that much out of it. I'll have to pop on over long enough to get him a Mickey Mouse doll or something like that.

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