Saturday, April 21, 2007

We're Baaaacckkk....

Finally, our Internet at home is up. We had to place a new order for Internet service, as the one call that I thought would take care of both the phone and Internet didn't work. We're gradually getting some other things sorted out as well. We've bought so many bookshelves at IKEA that we should get one free. ;) Once we get the nursery emptied out, Eugene will be able to assemble the crib and other furniture.

Speaking of home furnishings, we had planned last week to pick up some vacuum storage bags (the kind that you can pull air out of to condense bulky clothes) but couldn't find them at Target. While I was running errands today, I stopped at the Container Store and bought some. When Eugene came home from work, he also had a bag from there. I guess great minds really do think alike. We should be able to use them all, though, so we don't have to return them.

I had a request to report on how the meals from Dinner by Design turned out. We've eaten all but the beef brisket. Overall, we enjoyed them. The shrimp scampi was a little disappointing in that the shrimp were small and the shrimp/pasta ratio was too low, but it was good and garlicky. The pork chops and lasgana in particular were quite good. We plan to go back next month and possibly make more dishes.

Writing: I should probably put this on my other blog, but I have started to rewrite one of my books. I've also started revising a synopsis for Lennon's Line. I'm not sure yet when I'll start sending it out; it should probably go through one more edit/revision first, but I'm getting close to the point where I just want it done and out of the door.


Sheila said...

We've bought bookshelves from IKEA too. We got the "BILLY" bookcases. We have them in our family room. I'd like to get a few more for our basement, now that it's finished.

Sandra said...

Yep, we also bought Billy, along with the Benno CD shelves.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the followup on dinner by design. we really might try it at some point.

also: re. spec-fic, your book, etc.

you must be aware of the blog by literary agent "miss snark" and her friend "killer yapp". if not, here's the url:

entertaining reading, if nothing else. even for them of us what ain't doin' no book-writin'...

e's oldest sister

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