Monday, March 12, 2007

Turning It On Again

My first concert was Genesis back in 1992, at Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin. It was the summer after graduation, and I was working up in Madison and spending time with friends. We went as a group to the concert. Later on, I bought the live CDs to relive that time. So, fifteen years later, as the group reunites, Eugene and I knew we wanted to go see them again if possible. We missed the presale, but I updated my account information on Ticketmaster and hoped I'd be able to log on when tickets went on sale.

For some reason Ticketmaster didn't update my e-mail address, so it took me several tries to log in this morning. By the time I succeeded, there weren't any tickets left, even though it was still just a couple of minutes after 10:00. Still, I kept trying (and mistyping the verification code), hoping something would change. Something finally did, but it wasn't what I expected; they added another date. I immediately checked for tickets. Something else I never thought would happen did: Ticketmaster offered me tickets on the main floor. Despite the high price, I was tempted for a moment. If the seats had been closer--within the first ten rows or so--I might have taken them. But I figured I might not be able to see from twenty-one rows back, and I couldn't justify the price. So I let them go and found another pair on the lower level. They were still top price, so I searched on price and found a more affordable pair, still on lower level. This time I bought them.

The concert is in October, which will be about three-four months after the baby is born. Hopefully Eugene's parents will be able to babysit. (It's a bit strange having to worry about that.) If it doesn't work out, hopefully we'll have a chance to sell the tickets and get our money back. But it would be even better to go, as I'm sure we won't be doing any more concerts for a while after this one.

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Sheila said...

Oh, lucky you! You got Genesis tickets! I saw them when they toured in 1986; they played six dates and I went to THREE of them! One of the shows I had main floor, row 11. It was great! That's when I was still single.
Then I saw them again in 1992 (it was in June), and by that time I was married and had a baby - he was 9 months old at the time, and of all things,he had a bad cold at the time! I didn't have to worry about babysitting, because my husband was home with him. I went to the concert with my two girlfriends (the tickets were a birthday gift from them!). It was a wonderful concert.
I'm sure you have a GREAT time, and that everything will work out with the babysitting!!

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