Friday, February 02, 2007

Double Crash

We hired a new scientist at work last month. We're not only sharing an office but also a printer, and my computer has been acting as the server. That means instead of turning it off every night, I need to leave it on standby. For some reason, it doesn't "come back to life" as quickly as my laptop at home, so I foolishly end up pressing the on/off switch several times. I say "foolishly" because when I did that yesterday, I wound up summoning an image I thought I'd never see again--The Blue Screen of Death. Even rebooting the computer didn't help. We were worried at first that I'd fried the hard drive completely and that I'd lost everything. (Well, not everything; I do back up my files. Unfortunately, I'd been remiss and hadn't backed up for three weeks.) By some miracle, our IT person was able to get my computer up and running again, files and all. And yes, I did immediately back up to a flash drive. I'm backing up my laptop to an external hard drive as I blog; at least that promptes me to back up every week.

I would have posted about this last night, but I was so tired I wound up crashing myself. It was probably a combination of several nights of "sleepus interruptus" and a hectic day at work. So no writing for me last night, but I doubt I would have been happy with it anyway. So I went to bed around 8:30-9:00. I guess I needed to do it; Eugene said he came in at one point to check on me and found me snoring! Hopefully today I'll be a little more wide awake.

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